Supermen Boot Camp
  Supermen Boot Camp is Folsom’s #1 rated co-ed boot camp. Designed to be challenging and extremely effective. This boot camp gives you the benefits of a personal trainer within a supportive group setting. Our workout programs are designed to challenge all fitness levels with the variations and modifications of each exercise.   
  Superwomen Boot Camp uses resistance training exercises to tone your muscles and body weight exercise drills to build your endurance. We will burn the maximum amount of calories in our sessions to guarantee your weight loss and transform your body!  
  Super Kidz Sports Program for children ages 4-whenever is just that. A camp that focuses on your child's health, eating habits and exercise level – all while they have a blast! In today's busy world of social media and video games, many kids have lost the opportunity for outside play! Super Kidz concentrates on those aspects and brings importance to our children as well as fighting the battle against being inactive.  
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